01. Manufacturing

We have developed key partnerships with qualified suppliers since 1985.  Our industry experience gives us the knowledge and privilege of locating the best suppliers maintaining control of the quality standard of all of our products.

Each quotation undergoes detailed cost comparison through suppliers meaning that our customers will always receive the best, current and most competitive quotes.

Price and Quality are proportional. At Marcallis we value quality, performance and reliability. We manufacture car parts that will endure and perform. Our service reflects this, but through our network of qualified suppliers we can maintain pricing that presents high value to our customers.


02. Packaging

We understand that good packing is not only for suitable transportation and protection, but also for the image and branding of the products and the supplier. Many customers require us to replace the neutral or factory packaging with their unique design and branding.

At Marcallis, we assist our customers in packing design, and we can produce samples made with different materials for confirmation. We can then re-pack all goods and send to our customers.

03. Warehousing

We understand many customers have comprehensive purchasing in China, a varying supply of different goods at different times, and naturally will require a warehousing service. At Marcallis, we are very pleased to assist our customers with this.

04. Customs & Logistics

Marcallis holds an import and export license, which allow us to export direct to our customers without using different agents. We can also assist our customers to arrange documentation for customs and export, for items that are not from our product range.

Working with many different shipment companies and shipment agents in China allows us to quote our customers with the most competitive and latest pricing. We can also assist our customers to arrange different transportation - from a very discounted express mail service, railway, local trucking and of course, air freight and sea freight. From the factory door, to your door.

In summary

  1. We organize shipments from different suppliers and condense them into one which allows the most efficient and economic and convenient shipments from China.
  2. We simplify documentation needed for customs. Products from different suppliers are declared in one set of documents.
  3. We can quickly and efficiently arrange samples from different suppliers;
  4. We organize any other international trade transportation service required by our customers.