Our Ethos

Quality Management is not simply quality testing the manufactured part. It requires a very critical review of the entire manufacturing process.

Instead of retrospectively searching for causes when deficient parts are identified, we control quality in our products from the outset.

Full quality report and photos are sent to our customers on request.
We have a range of Marcallis Products that carry a minimum one year warranty covering a specified mileage.

Marcallis is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Our Quality Process

Targeted sourcing is successful sourcing.


Local market knowledge is essential to establish a convincing selection of appropriate suppliers. This is why our specialized MARCALLIS Purchasing Team uses its expertise on familiar ground for our clients’ benefit; selecting the most appropriate suppliers and securing the most advantageous terms.

Clear Strategy: Supplier Audit


Written certificates and quality standards are only meaningful if they are proved to have substance in the long term. Quality assurance in production processes must be conducted with conviction by suppliers. This is why MARCALLIS fully qualifies all of our partners and suppliers as well as constantly reviewing performance. Over our many years of operation this has helped us develop a mature and stable network.

Comprehensive Initial Sample Testing


The initial sample testing is a tough test for merchandise from China. MARCALLIS meticulously scrutinises the first product sample before presenting to our clients. The initial sample testing includes an in-depth test of all individual operational dimensions and specifications, not to mention tests on various material qualities based on the customer’s requirements.

Precision adjustment: the production part approval process (PPAP) in China


MARCALLIS conducts in-house production part approval process (PPAP) in close cooperation with you. Taking into account the first article inspection, we define the production process down to the last detail with you.

Our PPAP includes all stages of consistent quality assurance: 

- Testing operational dimensions and specifications
- Material property testing
- Designing production processes for the PPAP with you and your supplier
- Stipulation of all materials and machinery to be used

Continuous monitoring


To minimise the risk of quality issues arising at an early stage, MARCALLIS assigns a Quality Gate engineer to each production/project for the purpose of in-process quality assurance.

Measures include a customised testing system. Once a statistical benchmark has been established, meticulous quality controlling is performed during production. Customers have the option of institutionalising in-process quality assurance on the spot with MARCALLIS employees.

The result of this is that only inspected parts are passed onto the next production stage.

Long-term certainty: the final check in China


Procurement in China calls for knowledge of the market and a keen eye. A vital step in this process is reliable product quality assurance. This means a final check performed in China before shipping to our customers. You can rely on MARCALLIS to provide extensive quality assurance. Simply notify us of which parameters are to be tested during final checking of the respective merchandise.

MARCALLIS performs a 100% check or quality control according to statistical parameters. The latter is helpful to exclude any systematic errors. As an additional service we also offer repackaging or relabelling as part of the quality assurance process.


... and it's over to you!